Alaska Startup Studio

Our startup studio with Alaskan entrepreneurs to build scalable software-as-a-service companies.

Alaska Startup Studio for Software-as-a-Service

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs, software engineers and creatives who partner to create prominent technology businesses in Alaska. This program by Geeks in the Woods provides talent, financial resources and agile software technology to build scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS businesses) in an environment with a strong sense of community and vibrant connection to nature. Since the nature of the relationship between Alaska Startup Studio and the entrepreneur is a partnership, we work together to create sustainable businesses that generate both rapid and long-term economic growth.

While the Geeks Accelerator Alaska provides a structured program to support a larger number of startups, our venture studio partners with only 1-2 entrepreneurs at a time. The long-term partnership means the Alaska Startup Studio will provide all the resources and positive energy to turn a software-as-a-service idea into a scaling company.

Learn more about the venture studio for software startups at

Alaska Startup Studio
Alaska Startup Studio software news article

The Alaska Startup Studio: A Valdez Adventure

The twins hope that with their experience in software, they can build a tech company in the state through the studio that will grow and scale by creating real value for customers.

October 10, 2019

Geekwire story twin brothers launch startup factory in Alaska

A decade after founding Tune, twins leave Seattle to launch Alaska startup factory

Now they’ve relocated to the wilderness in Alaska, where they are launching a new accelerator and startup studio for Alaska entrepreneurs.

building software startups to diversify Alaska's economy
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software engineers living and working in tents in Alaska
presenting Bootstrapping SaaS Startups in Alaska at Innovation Summit in Juneau
building tech in Alaska even though remote yet connected
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Bootstrapping Software Ideas into Scalable Businesses

Unlike accelerators that run competitive programs and founder-bootcamps, venture studios partner with entrepreneurs - providing the talent and financial resources to build out ideas together. Startup studios and venture studios see an idea through from conception to a successful company.

While accelerators have a larger social impact and typically work with lots of startups at once, a startup studio has a more focused approach. They partner with a select few startups and invest more resources into each, with increased likelihood of a higher percentage of them turning into viable businesses and then growing into scaling companies.

As a startup studio, our primary role is to create and launch businesses. We bring hundreds of business ideas into the top of the funnel. During a sprint process, we take the best ideas and transform them into business concepts — complete with branding and positioning, software click-through models validated by buyers and users, a go-to-market strategy, and business case. These concepts are then built out collectively by our venture studio team and the founding entrepreneur/startup team.

The Alaska Startup Studio team provides design, product, marketing, finance, and talent services that allow our studio companies to grow quickly and efficiently, while avoiding some of the early pitfalls that sink startups during the critical stage of finding product-market fit.

benefits of venture studio vs accelerator - strategic investements to build tech companies