tech in alaska

The biggest hesitation for software engineers to relocate to Alaska is the lack of a tech community here. Our goal is to create positive change in the tech ecosystem in Alaska, and eventually eradicate that hesitation by focusing on these three pillars:

  • Community. We build awareness, engage with our communities, and support the efforts of local individual software engineers and creative professionals who are striving to share their passions.
  • Industry. Geeks in the Woods is serious about evolving the tech industry in Alaska with particular emphasis on diversity, women in technology, and sustainability.
  • Leadership. We empower all tech workers and creative professionals to consistently promote innovation and diversity to create a forward-thinking community.

We are pioneering the next frontier of Alaska - the Tech Frontier. If you love building and experimenting with technology in a supportive environment, are seeking a stronger sense of community, and want to be immersed in wilderness, join us in Alaska.

work life integration with laptop outside sun and lake

remote and connected

Are you a software engineer or creative professional interested in living and working in an integreated setting - even for just a few days or weeks? Discover the allure of working remotely yet connected, by staying at the Geeks In The Woods Property in Valdez, Alaska.

remote and connected
installing ubiquity mesh gigabit WiFI during winter in Alaska

tech at gitw

Whether working, recreating, or relaxing, you and your team will have tech-forward experiences. The property is equipped with the latest and greatest smart home devices, fiber-optic internet, and connected to everything you need.

tech at gitw

software projects

The Brown twins are both software engineers. In their free time, they enjoy building software projects that share Alaska with others and improve the quality of life of fellow Alaskans. Below are some of these software projects.

programmatic astrophotography software solution aws

programmatic photography

Solution to programmatically take photographs at specific times, including low light shots of the stars and aurora borealis.

programmatic photography
automated timelapse video production of aurora and northern lights

automated timelapse

Solution to automatically create timelapse videos from real-time photographs for the web.

automated timelapse

partners helping build the ultimate tech community in Alaska

The Boardroom Anchorage Alaska coworking space
The Boardroom AK

The Boardroom is a coworking space for independents and small companies.

Copper Valley Telecom logo Fiber Optic Internet
Copper Valley Telecom

Providing Local, Wireless, Internet and Long Distance to the Copper Basin, Valdez and Tatitlek communities with a wireless service offering in Cordova.

AK Dev Alliance

If you are a software engineer in Alaska, get connected into the AK Dev Alliance and help grow the tech community in Alaska.