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Remote Software Engineering and Startup Jobs

Over the last ten years, technology has advanced to support working remotely and being connected. Technology is making communities in Alaska more connected. No longer do you have to be in the big city (e.g. Seattle) to be connected. Geeks in the Woods is harnessing the remote and connected movement to provide unique working experiencing that support high quality of life.

We have growing opportunities to join Geeks in the Woods or startups part of its venture studio. Since our founders grew their last startup in Seattle into an enterprise company over a decade, they understand the value and compensation required to build strong and diverse teams. Whether you live in Alaska, Estonia, Columbia, etc. we are interested in exploring opportunities to work together.

GOlang software engineering serverless

Senior GOlang Software Engineer

Full-time remote work opportunity

Are you a passionate GOlang engineer who enjoys the challenges and rewards of a small, experienced development team? Yes. Geeks in the Woods is looking for a software engineer like you to lead the design, development and iteration of software-as-a-service (SaaS). As part of our venture studio, you will be part of a small and agile team developing GOlang applications. With this opportunity, you definitely enjoy agile and lean development processes.

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