Alaska Accelerator for Startups

Geeks Accelerator connects entrepreneurs, software engineers, creatives, and investors who love Alaska in order to fuel the growth of its startup and tech communities.

Accelerator Program for Software Startups in Alaska

Geeks Accelerator is a non-profit that provides educational programs in Alaska with a focus on technical leadership and startup entrepreneurs. Once a year, Geeks Accelerator provides a structured accelerator program for software startups that helps 2-4 teams validate their opportunity from the idea stage into a fully-functioning SaaS product that hopefully achieves product/market fit. These startup teams move to Valdez, Alaska for 10 weeks starting in the third week of August to work intensively on their business, seek investments and scale their innovation.

In addition to the structured accelerator program, Geeks Accelerator is focused year-round on creating positive change in the startup and tech communities in Alaska. Geeks Accelerator builds jobs for tomorrow with Alaska’s community today.

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Geeks Accelerator Alaska

Accelerating Startup and Tech Communities

We understand that the biggest hesitation for software engineers and other creative workers to relocate to Alaska is the lack of a tech community here. The goal of Geeks in the Woods, its founders, and this non-profit Accelerator is to create positive change in the startup and tech communities here, and eventually eradicate that hesitation by focusing on these three pillars:

  • Community. Build awareness, engage with our communities, and support the efforts of local individual software engineers and creative professionals who are striving to share their passions.
  • Industry. Evolve the startup and tech communities in Alaska with particular emphasis on diversity, women in technology, and sustainability.
  • Leadership. Empower all tech workers and creative professionals to consistently promote innovation and diversity to create a forward-thinking community.
benefits of accelerator vs venture studio - lots of investments with greater social impact

Social impact is the social change, both long-term and short-term, that arises as a result of our activities. It also includes the long-term outcomes that aren’t immediately visible. Thus, to truly align the goals of this organization with its mission to create meaningful social impact in Alaska beyond creating corporate profits, Geeks Accelerator is a non-profit organization.

Other Accelerators in Alaska

While Geeks Accelerator is focused on software startups with its bootcamp style accelerator program and year-round technical mentorship, the unique opportunity in Alaska makes it attractive to support entrepeneurs with big ideas to solve important problems. The orginal accelerator in Alaska is Launch Alaska. We highly recommended their program.

Launch Alaska Accelerator invest in scalable startups
Launch Alaska

Launch Alaska is a business accelerator that invests in scalable startups in food, water, transportation, and energy. Harnessing Alaska’s distinct mix of resources, markets, and opportunities, we work side by side with some of the world's brightest startups to help them scale solutions to the planet's hardest problems.