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in Valdez,

history of gitw

Twin brothers from Seattle are experimenting with work/life integration by building software technologies in Alaska. They are creating a diverse community of software engineers in Alaska who work remotely for West Coast-based companies where their work and life are seamlessly integrated. Seeds for this movement were planted long ago...

  • high quality of life with skiing and programming

    grew up watching ski movies


    The Brown twins grew up watching iconic ski movies. Home to endless big lines and deep powder, Alaska was (and remains) the classic destination for extreme skiing. This sparked their interest in the Great White North.

  • geek believing in creating the future and skiing

    first time in Valdez

    April 2016

    snow skiing Chugach Mountains with helicopter into glaciers

    Lee serendipitously went on his first heliski trip deep in the Chugach Mountains. While in the air, they flew over the property and his guide mentioned it was for sale.

  • work life integration with sunshine and snow

    first property

    July 2016

    Robe Lake surrounded by Chugach Mountains and Prince Williams Sound

    The incredible location set amidst jagged peaks jutting up from Prince William Sound, and its potential for working remotely, hooked Lucas and Lee instatnly. They purchased the first 14 acres of what would become "Geeks In The Woods" in July of 2016.

  • innovation building lines of code for trial

    Adding on

    September 2016

    Sunset over Robe Lake

    After the first property purchase, the Brown brothers began dreaming big on how they could create a remote and connected community for software engineers. To help accomplish their dreams, they purchased four adjacent lots - expanding the property to 21 grand acres on Robe Lake.

  • hiring geeks living working camping

    sleeping in tents

    December 2016

    living and building GOlang apps and Python scripts from tent with snow

    Up until this point, the Brown Brothers still spent most of their time in Seattle. It was Winter, and development on the property couldn't begin until the ground thawed in Spring - but Lee was ready to begin the work-life integration experiment anyways. In the middle of December, Lee set up camp on the property with two Arctic Oven tents- a "bunk tent" and an "office tent" - marking the beginning of turning "Geeks In The Woods" into a reality.

  • hardware innovation building tech

    trail to the waterfront

    July 2017

    twin brothers building, iterating and learning

    Besides the driveway, which only gave access to the top of the property, the 14+ acres down to the waterfront was untouched wilderness with no paths or trails. The 200' elevation drop to the water made development a challenge. To start understanding the property and enjoying the lake, the Browns built their first trail, along with a little help from their friends. The path to the serene waterfront is 0.25 miles long and drops 200 feet in elevation.

  • geek building tech in Alaska with software engineering

    houses on order

    October 2017

    concept of smart Nordic living in Alaska

    Over the summer and into the fall, the brothers purchased three prefab tiny houses - 400 square feet each. To ensure they could install them as soon as the winter ground thawed, they began preparing the property for the arrival of houses right away.

  • geek with Hummer and new smart house

    three houses rolled up

    June 2018

    smart modern houses with tech in Alaska

    The houses arrived in Vadez via barge just in time for the annual 4th of July celebration on the property. The houses were set and hooked up to power, ethernet, and long awaited water and septic.

  • fiber server rack at geeks in the woods

    fiber optic internet

    September 2018

    fiber internet at geeks in the woods

    The property had operated on two DSL connections prior to September of 2018. With the help of some amazing friends, and the shared vision to bring tech to Alaska, we were able to connect with Copper Valley Telecom who worked with the 51-50 Team to install fiber optic internet on the property.

lee brown

software architect, geek, entrepreneur,
object oriented, python and GOlang programmer,
& lives life pushing to production

Lee Brown

Lee Brown leads the development of the software technologies. From the early age of 11 years old, his interest in programming and internet technologies led him to build websites for local businesses with his identical twin brother. While his twin focuses on the business aspect of entrepreneurship, Lee leads the design and engineering of software from prototype to production. He boasts 20+ years of computer programming experience - particular favorites being python and GOlang. As Chief Architect at TUNE, Lee is on the front lines of scalability and flexibility, spearheading an API-driven data layer and creating unique solutions for utilizing Amazon Web Services to host all TUNE products and technologies for industry leading performance.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

lucas brown

entrepreneur, geek, product developer,
creative thinker, newbie programmer,
& builds businesses from zero to one

Lucas Brown

Lucas and his twin brother Lee began their first businesses before starting high school. They quickly found themselves suited for the world of software and marketing. They launched their first successful startup as sophomores in college. Developing unique solutions for their own ad network, Lucas had the foresight to white-label their technologies to empower other businesses providing the first SaaS offering. Lucas leads agile product teams that strive to quickly meet the needs of an ever growing client base. As a founder of TUNE, Lucas grew the company to profitability by 2010. Lucas' expertise in complex business models, integrations, and implementations coupled with his constant drive for innovation make him a cornerstone of startups.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

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