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to pioneer the
tech frontier

Alaska is vast in both scale and diversity. It is a place of great connectedness, where people and technology shape the land, and the land shapes the people and technology. Twin brothers are in Alaska creating The Last Frontier into the Tech Frontier for software startups. Technology has advanced to enable working remotely and being connected where higher quality of life is achieved outside of aggregating in big cities. Being disconnected from the lower forty-eight states provides a strong sense of community - a critical factor in building sustainable startups. The cold and dark provide ample time to focus on mastering our passions. The sun reminds us to celebrate our wins.

Jeff Levin and Lee Brown working on LegalThread at GITW Valdez


We accelerate the creation of Software as a Service businesses in Alaska by embracing the unique environment of being remote and connected. We deploy a combination of technology expertise, vetted startup experience, and our unique software framework designed to quickly develop ideas into scalable web-based businesses. Using serverless architecture, GoLang, and the Founder’s Mentality, our bootstrapped approach enables Alaskan entrepreneurs to rapidly build their ideas into growing tech enterprises.


Portfolio Companies

active aurora over Robe Lake in Valdez Alaska

Aurora Detection and Notification Service

This software as service uses advanced image recognition technology to detect the visibility of auroras in real-time. When an active aurora is detected, the service will notify subscribers - encouraging them to wake up and get outside to enjoy the truly unique experience.
Legalverse eDiscovery Solution for Subpoenas


eDiscovery Solution for Subpoenas

A complete solution for legal teams to manage large document requests including subpoenas. This software as a service automates collecting, organizing, and reviewing documents- allowing legal teams to respond with relevant documents timely and accurately.



In order to experiment with work life integration, we have two unique properties in Alaska. Both of the properties are surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and provide endless access to renowned outdoor adventures year-round. While the Valdez property is a modern retreat with three houses, the McCarthy property is raw. Software engineers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals are encouraged to work remotely yet connected.

Geeks in Valdez Alaska property remote and connected with tech

Geeks in Valdez

Nestled in the Chugach Mountains overlooking Robe Lake, the Geeks in Valdez property is located just 10 miles outside of downtown Valdez and 20 miles away from the summit of Thompson Pass. This property is the premier destination to work remotely and connected in Alaska.

Life Remote and Connected
Geeks in McCarthy Alaska property remote in Wrangell St Elias

Geeks in McCarthy

Our property in McCarthy is a daring journey into the big unknown of America’s largest national park. The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is a spectacular environment with vast mountainous terrain dominated by glaciers and riven with furious meltwater. Once the snow melts, this property is an extreme destination to work remotely yet connected.

Camp and Code Remote
fiber from copper valley telecom at geeks in the woods valdez

Tech in Alaska

Silicon Valley --> Seattle --> Alaska? Tech workers are interested in moving North for improved quality of life. When Lee Brown, a tech worker himself and cofounder of Geeks in the Woods, first moved to the Valdez property in early 2016, he spent the next two years coding software from an Arctic Oven tent. He found the setting to offer space and solitude to focus, and increased motivation knowing that adventure awaited just outside the door. Alaska has high availability of gigabit internet throughout the state providing the foundation for a vibrant community of those working remotely and telecommuting.

Tech in Alaska