Geeks in the Woods

Alaska is vast in both scale and diversity. It is a place of great connectedness, where people and technology shape the land, and the land shapes the people and technology. Twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown are on a mission to shape the Last Frontier into the Tech Frontier - for software startups. Technology has advanced to easily enable working remotely, while still being connected. Outside of aggregating in big cities, a higher quality of life can be achieved. Being disconnected from the lower forty-eight states, Alaskans have bonded together and have formed a strong sense of community - a critical factor in building sustainable startups.

Startup Studio

Long overlooked by venture capitalists and the overall startup community, we see Alaska as the next great tech frontier. We believe that startups can leverage Alaska’s strong sense of community and connection to nature to solve local and global economic, environmental, technological and other challenges.

We enjoy partnering with entrepreneurs to build sustainable web-based businesses. Unlike accelerators that run competitive programs and founder-bootcamps, we partner with entrepreneurs as co-founders - providing the talent and financial resources to build ideas together. We deploy a combination of technology expertise, vetted startup experience, and our unique software framework.

Need technical co-founders for your startup team? Or have a great idea for a software startup? Connect with us.

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Open-Source Software

In our effort to foster the growth and development of both the startup community in Alaska and the adoption of the computer programming language of GO as an enterprise tool, we develop open-source software for building websites and web apps with GOlang.

Startup Kit for SaaS

Our SaaS Startup Kit helps entrepreneurs build their pre-revenue ideas into successful businesses. The kit is a set of libraries and boilerplate code in GOlang for bootstrapping scalable SaaS applications. As a complete starter kit, the libraries and boilerplate can be used to quickly code both a web app and REST API for your startup.

GO SaaS Startup Kit
Golang Startup Kit Bootstrap SaaS Web Apps


In order to experiment with work life integration, we have unique properties in Alaska. The properties are surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and provide endless access to renowned outdoor adventures year-round. They encourage software engineers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals to work remotely yet connected.

Geeks in Valdez Alaska property remote and connected with tech

Geeks in Valdez

Nestled at the foothills of the Chugach Mountains overlooking Robe Lake, the Geeks in Valdez property is located just 10 miles outside of downtown Valdez and 20 miles from the summit of Thompson Pass. This property is the premier destination to work remotely and connected in Alaska.

Geeks in Valdez